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About Us

The A-Team of Delaware aims to unite those with diverse abilities and their family members to ADVOCATE in a grassroots effort, create AWARENESS in the community and ADVISE those who care for our citizens with special needs to ensure service choices and opportunities.

A-Team Delaware is a non-partisan, grassroots group of people who are caring and advocating for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) 


If you are concerned about where your loved one with I/DD will live or work or have respite care as they age and services in the State of Delaware change, then the A-Team of Delaware is the organization for you. Please join us as we strive to make our voices heard so that policymakers understand our challenges. 


We volunteer our time and efforts to ensure that all voices are heard as we share our knowledge and experiences about our loved ones with I/DD so that options are available that will suit all different types of needs.  


Through family support, networking, social media, word of mouth, and with the power of our numbers, we will seek to advocate for and influence Federal and State policy for all persons with IDD. 


To raise awareness about the service needs of Delawareans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) across their life span and to advocate for the availability of the following, as needed: family supports for those living at home; well-trained and well-paid Direct Support Professionals in all service settings; provision of day, employment, and residential supports at the frequency and intensity identified in person-centered plans; appropriate clinical services (such as behavioral or nursing consultation); and a full array of housing options for those in residential services. 

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